Your home is your personal haven, a warm space that you retreat to after the end of the day, a place that you feel most secure in. This is all the more reason why you should ensure that your home is always safe and protected from all types of threats.

These threats can be in the form of burglaries, intrusions, fire or natural calamities including earthquakes. Aside from the traditional ways of creating illusions of people being around or awake at home, there are many new-gen monitoring and alarm systems available in the market to ensure your home stays safe. Here are some safety tips to help keep your home protected:

Install strong and reliable locks and bolts on all your exterior doors and windows. Smart locks are also available in the market which can be operated remotely by your smartphone to open or close a door.

Leaving keys in obvious places like the doormat or flowerpots puts them at risk. Keep them in unique places or with reliable neighbours. Also, don’t leave notes on doors for others as it’s a dead giveaway that no one’s home.

Have spyholes installed in all your external doors along with safety chains. This enables you to see who is outside and gives you precious moments to react.

When you are going to be away from home, you can create an illusion of someone being home by leaving radios or TVs on, near exit doors.

Install CCTV cameras and motion detectors to keep a remote eye on your home’s exteriors.

Sliding glass doors can be challenging to secure. Try placing a metal pipe or rod in the central groove of the sliding tracks to prevent its opening.

Keep your curtains and blinds closed so intruders can’t see what’s kept inside the room or if somebody is in.

When buying a home, make sure to invest in a fire-resistant home. These are homes that use fire-resistant materials and have sufficient fire guards in place.

Don’t leave open flames like the stove, the barbecue, candles or even cigarette butts unattended. They can easily lead to fire accidents. You should also teach your children about the dangers of playing with matches and lighters.

Additionally, you can install smoke or heat detectors across your home to serve as timely hazard detectors. Have a fire-escape plan for your family.

Lastly, when buying a home, check whether it’s earthquake-resistant. Prestigious builders like Artech Realtors provide world-class, earthquake-resistant apartments in Trivandrum that also provide two additional layers of security.