If you are a romantic at heart, there’s no doubt your dream house looks just like the one Diane Keaton had in the movie Something’s Gotta Give. The house embedded on the serene sandy beach is just too perfect to spend your precious time with family. But isn’t that every home buyer’s dream? If waterfront properties were a luxury earlier, today, even the middle class are keen to invest in properties that are close to water and promise a stunning view. What is it that draws investors to waterfront properties?

Wonderful water views

Initially, one would only look at the property type, location, price, architecture and the factors which will create best returns before deciding to buy a house. Today, water view has taken the first place in the list. It may start as a fancy for exoticism but becomes a must-have option in most investors’ case. But higher the demand, the less the supply, especially in a highly populated country like India. Hence, such properties are sure to have a high capital appreciation in the future, making them even more desirable.

Away from pollution and stress

Every city dweller hopes to live a life that’s sans pollution and stress, and they are convinced that waterfront properties will give them just that. Many researches done recently on the real estate trends across the globe, show that one of the top features searched by the buyers is a waterfront view, making it a priority in the sector. If the bedrooms have a balcony facing the beach, nothing like it. Properties a on water’s edge have even higher demand. Isn’t the simple thought of waking up to the tranquillity of the deep blue sea enough to make one’s mind about a beach house?

Health benefits

Life on the waterfront also come along with many health and wellbeing benefits. It is peaceful and stress-free, another prime reason for urbanites to fall for it. You would be making a sound judgement by buying a waterfront property, mainly because of the beautiful life you get to lead interacting with the nature. These houses can inspire one to find their hidden passions such as gardening, farming or cycling. Who wouldn’t want to indulge in the mint fresh air while taking a stroll on the beachfront? It is much easier to facilitate a healthy lifestyle on a waterfront property than being inland. Water is known to have calming properties and living closer to it improves one’s mental and physical state significantly. You don’t need a vacation to destress but can be at home and enjoy the serenity surrounding you. Most waterfront areas have multiple fitness and recreation options to satisfy the fitness freak in you. If you are yet to hop into the health-conscious wagon, being on a waterfront will make you.