Kerala is true ‘God’s own country’ and a great place to live in – for those who are opportune. And Thrissur is among the best places to settle down in as the city offers a heady mix of job and business opportunities amid an environment that’s teaming with culture and economic growth. Any property bought here is bound to increase in value in a short few years and maybe that’s why people are thronging to buy properties in Thrissur.

However, before taking that important first step towards buying property in Thrissur, there are a few basic guidelines you will need to follow.


Before going for any investment, you need to have a budget. With an average property size costing around 46.98 lakhs in Thrissur, you need to be ready with a tidy sum to invest too as most banks offer only around 80% as property loan value.


As always, location is key to buying a property. Look for properties in neighborhoods that are seeing an upward price trend or have future appreciation prospects. The location should provide ease of connectivity to your workplace as well as be close to basic infrastructural needs. Aside from being close to social amenities and facilities, it should also be accessible to public transport. Areas like Ayyanthole, Amala Nagar, Adat, Puzhakkal, and Patturaikal are some of the good locations to look into in Thrissur. Most of these localities are easily accessible areas that eventually connect with the central Swaraj Round.


Once you have finalized on a location, the next step is looking for potential homes. It’s essential you go with well-known developers and you can search online as most branded builders have an online presence. You could also search offline and go through the classified ads, attend property exhibitions, etc.

Ease of commute

There should be existing infrastructure for easy commuting not only to your workplace but for everyday needs too.

Basic facilities

Daily-need services like supermarkets, hospitals, educational institutes, and entertainment centers are a basic requirement and should be near your neighborhood. Since most of Thrissur has good water and electricity connection, this is one feature you needn’t worry about.


Living in a secure locality is a basic requirement – whether you are buying the property for your own use or for rental. Most locations within Thrissur city have their own resident’s welfare associations that take care of security matters, so you needn’t worry about this. And if you are living in a gated community, safety is a given.

But most importantly, buyers should consider the future prospects of the property before buying.