One of the easiest ways to ensure great Feng Shui for your home is to keep your windows clean and clear. Don’t you think it makes perfect sense even when you don’t look at it from the Feng Shui perspective? Isn’t it always wonderful to have a clear, unobstructed view of the outdoors through a clean window?

However, feng shui looks at windows at a deeper level. Called ‘the eyes of the home’, windows have a special place in feng shui and windows relate to everyone and everything at energy levels. In order to ensure a great flow of energy and to ensure great feng shui through your home, having clean windows is one of the easiest ways. While there can be a lot of methods to improve the energy of your home, the ones that fit your requirements and budget must be the ones that you should select.

Let us now look at a few important feng shui guidelines to ensure that you are treating your windows right.

  • Whatever be the treatment that you are going to use for your windows, it is best to have them made of from natural fabrics. It can be from anything from silk to linen to cotton to bamboo. The natural made fabrics have a way to improve the flow of energy and can contribute immensely to the health of the people living in the house. You may also use the accordion folded shades as they have the ability to create better and sharper energy during the day when folded.
  • Another important aspect that must be taken care of while doing your window treatment in the feng shui way is the colors that you select to décor or accessorize your window. Ensure that you do not go with colors that do not match with the interior décor of the house. Bring harmony between the colors chosen for your windows and the colors of the room décor. Also make sure that the colors are subtle and the accessories are without any strong colors to ensure that the colors do not transmit any aggressive vibe.
  • If you are selecting fabrics having bold patterns, make sure that the patterns, shapes and stripes on the materials match with the feng shui element that you have on the bag area. It is important that you carefully bring in a feel of harmony between the elements.

Since windows can make or break the overall décor of a house and any room, subtle styles are the best ones that you can make use to bring in unique feel for the room, the windows and in the feng sui treatment itself. Another important aspect is to use best feng shui window treatments that can enhance the energy levels at your home. Care must be given to guarantee that the way you treat your windows must be able to offer great lighting during the day with enough flow of air and energy, and at night, the privacy and the protection you need.