Now that you have bought your home and are ready to shift in, here is something to think about: do you just want to live in your home and leave it to Mother Nature to bring in luck, or do you want to be an active participant and do something about it?

Feng Shui Your Home to Prosperity

The ancient art of ‘feng shui’ developed about 3000 years ago in China is a complex body of knowledge that has to do with balancing ‘Chi’ (energy) of a given place positively so as to bring good fortune to those inhabiting the space. This good fortune doesn’t necessarily have to translate into wealth; it can also refer to fulfilling family life, successful careers or good health. In Chinese, the word ‘feng’ means wind and ‘shui’ means water, and in Chinese culture both these words are associated with good health and fortune.

So if you are hoping to provide not just a home, but a nurturing safe haven for your family, then you should make your home feng shui-compliant. It’s not a very arduous task, just a few adjustments to the furniture and objects around your home so that the universal energy Chi can have access to circulate in your home.

Here are a few simple tips to consider when setting up your home so that chi can flow around easily in your home.

The Main Door: The entrance to the home should not be squeaky as they bring negative moods. Oil them immediately to throw out the negative energy of any squeaky doors in the house. Try to use the main door as much as possible for entering and exiting the home to encourage chi to enter in.

Bathroom Doors: These should always be kept shut as water is constantly being drained and flushed away here. The toilet lid should be maintained in the closed position. As water is considered a source of positive energy, the areas where they are drained away have to be enclosed; this ensures that the positive energy doesn’t get drained away from your home.

Plants in the Kitchen: Dust is a source of negative chi and is likely to collect on top surfaces of kitchen cabinets. To counter this negativity, place potted green plants into this space to keep the positive energy from stagnating.

Location of Bed: The bed is very important and should be kept in a ‘commanding’ position in the bedroom. You should be able to look at the door when lying in bed. The headboard should be kept against the wall opposite to the door, but not directly in front of the door and the bed should be accessible from both sides.

Clutter-free space: For chi to flow unhindered in your home, get rid of things that you don’t need in your home to create space and invite prosperity.

Fountains: The element of flowing water represents incessant prosperity, so place a small fountain or aquarium in the southeast corner of your home for prosperity. Don’t include any water element in your bedroom though!

Wood for wealth: Ample use of wood which represents nature attracts unlimited wealth into your home. Placing bamboo and money plants in the southeastern parts of your home are also great for positive energy.

If followed correctly, all these simple points are bound to bring peace and prosperity into your new home.