The main entry point in feng shui assumes great important as it is through the entrance that the house is able to absorb ‘Chi’ or the universal energy. Hence, the rug or the carpet that you use on the main entry must be carefully selected to complement and enhance the ‘Chi’ being absorbed. As the quality of the energy absorption increases, the quality of the energy transcends through the house will be more, as well, to protect you, the family and every endeavors of yours. There are certain aspects that must be taken care of to ensure that you are making the right choice about the carpet or the rug that you are going to use on your main entry point.


The color, the design and the type of the material that you are going to select for the rug assume greater importance than anything else.

Let us take a look.

The shape of the rug or the carpet that you select:

Rather than relying on any sort of norm, trust your feelings and emotion while trying to select the shape for your rug or the carpet that you want to use on the entry point. Think about the shapes that can blend well with the space and the shape of the room.

It must complement the shape and space of the room rather than drawing energy from them. Once you have found the right shape, consider the feng shui direction that your door is facing. After finding the direction, get the details of the feng shui element corresponding to that direction and use a shape that complements that element.

The design on the rug or the carpet that you select:

Another important aspect that you must consider while trying to select the design for the carpet or the rug is the fact that, everyone is going to step on it every single day.

Always ensure that you don’t have your family or business name on the carpet; the simple logic is that, how it can possibly attract any good energy when, everyone including you, is stepping on it. Also ensure that you do not have the designs of any animals or birds or even plants. It is best to select a rug or carpet that depicts a pathway or sands, as it makes sense to step on it.

The colors that you select:

Anyone who understands feng shui knows that color is an important element in feng shui. As a result, selecting the right colors, for your carpet at the main entrance, is also really important. While doing so, make sure that you carefully choose the right color that can improve the flow of energy over a color that just appears better but limits the energy flow. The color must be based on three feng shui elements such as Earth, Wood, and Water. Care must be taken to ensure that colors of Fire and Metal elements are not selected while trying to get the colors for the carpet or the rug at your main entry.