Exterior elevations can add immense beauty to your house. However, looking for an architect who can help with elevation ideas is no easy task. Here are some tips to help you choose elevation designs for Kerala homes:

Kerala Homes Elevation Designs

a) Does the architect reflect your tastes and preferences?: The front-side of your house reflects your individual taste and style. Besides giving your house the street appeal, it gives people an idea of how the interiors would look. Check if the architect’s preferences and tastes match yours. Even if he or she does not, check how well receptive they are to your thoughts and adaptable to your ideas.

b) Research: A little research helps a lot. Do you prefer a color bond or a tiled roof? Should it reflect dark or light colors? Would it stand apart from the rest of the houses in the area or do you want it to blend-in with the other designs in the colony? A glance through different magazines, display villages, clippings from newspapers, etc. can help you get an idea of what to expect.

c) Traditional elevation ideas: Traditionally, homes in Kerala used tiled roof for elevation. Although this had waned, it has now returned with a bang.

d) Landscaping: A front garden can drastically change the exterior look of your house. Thanks to modern landscaping ideas, space is no longer a problem.

e) Padipurra or Verandas: Traditionally, verandas in Kerala were incorporated through padipurras. This was where people made a formal entry into the house. A lamp was hung here in the evening. Today, homes that incorporate traditional Kerala architectural styles include this. They extend from the front elevation and can be an excellent place for everyone in the family to greet each other.

f) Patios: Patios can be added to the exterior. You can always add a large umbrella to keep yourself cool from the scorching sun.

Keeping in mind these few factors in designing, an elevation ensures that your project is a success and your house is the envy of everyone in the neighborhood.