Nightlife in TrivandrumJuly 25, 2017

Nightlife in Trivandrum

The capital city of Trivandrum in the vibrant state of Kerala starts to down its shutters after 9pm. Being a political center, as well as an educational center with numerous schools and colleges spread out all over the district, the concept of a thriving nightlife with clubs and discotheques doesn’t really take root here.

This city with its colonial architectural monuments and a rich history of the rule of the Maharajas is teeming with tradition and culture. You might find live theatre shows here in the evenings, showcasing cultural and folklore dance forms that Trivandrum city-dwellers are very fond of. There are two main open-air auditoriums set in the beautiful sprawling gardens of the Kanakakkunnu palace in the city, namely, the Sooryakanthi and the Nishagandhi where you can be treated to wonderful cultural performances. The Kathakali dance performances here are an awesome sight to behold and you shouldn’t miss out on them. Many other events are also held in these auditoriums that are an extravaganza for family as well as the single ones.

Aside from these, there is a plethora of hotels and restaurants also available here that open till 11pm and offer all varieties of interesting cuisines. Famous roadside eateries that open late into the night also offer lip-smacking local foods that offer the real taste of Trivandrum. And if you are still looking for some more variety, head to Kovalam, the world-famous beach where nightlife is a delight with the happy tourists leading the way. Amazing seafood cuisines as well as continental, Chinese, North Indian and European dishes will tempt your palate here.

There are numerous restaurants lining the promenade, where you can have fun and sleep it off in one of the numerous classy hotels here when the fun gets a little out of hand….. Music, dancing and singing are a great way to spend the evening in this lovely location. A game of beach ball, or simply strolling on the well-lit beach or hobnobbing with friends is another great way of spending weekend nights here. The dress code here is casual and with the lovely night breeze, you can enjoy a great time at this tourist hub, which is located just a few kilometers out of the city center.

Earlier, bars were the happening places that opened late into the nights, but with greater awareness on drunken driving, most of these have been shut down in the capital city. However, there are a number of new malls that will soon be inaugurated in Trivandrum that will add more life and make great places to hang out in the evenings. A number of cinema halls and multiplexes boasting movies from across the world are already quite active in the nights and after a late-night show, you can always indulge in some yummy ‘hot off the fire’ local delights to satisfy the late-night pangs before heading home. The best part of Trivandrum is that it’s a comparatively very safe city, where even in the nights people can walk confidently on the roads.

However, with the inflow of new people from other parts of the country, things are beginning to change a little bit and Trivandrum nightlife has started to pick up.



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