Five ways to decorate your home in a cost-effective wayJuly 25, 2017

Five ways to decorate your home in a cost-effective way

If you thought finding your dream home was no average feat, wait for the decorating part. Not only is the process excruciating but also incredibly expensive. If purchasing it burnt a big hole in your pocket, furnishing it up to your expectations is sure to make you bankrupt. But let’s not take chances and think of affordable ways to get it right. While a picture perfect home may be the ideal, it’s time you revised your ideas to fit your budget. Do not compromise on your comfort, but tweak your thoughts a little. Here are some smart ideas to furnish your home in a cost-effective way.

Simple and stylish

Do not forget, furniture is a lifelong investment, hence, nothing flimsy or trendy should do. Invest in sturdy pieces that are neutral in colour and style. Wooden pieces are much more pocket friendly and long lasting than the other popular materials available in the market. Even today, they can give any sensible decorator a run for their money. Wooden furniture would look equally good in a wooden loft as well as a plush villa; hence, spending on them will never be a waste.

Hunt for antiques

Still confused? Jot down your requirements on a note pad and take a trip to the nearest flea market. We assure you, you will find everything you need but may be not in their best condition at a bargain price, right there. But if you are anything like us you would be excited at the various possibilities these rare finds can give. Antiques and hand-me-downs can be much more affordable than brand new furniture, but they can light up your rooms with a little touch of magic.

Drape those doors

Do not take drape shopping lightly. Compromising on curtains can cost you big. You do not want to end up with a home that looks like it is right out of cartoon network, do you? So, better plan drapery shopping well in advance along with the furniture. You have exhausted your décor budget already? Don’t worry, the market has plenty of economical options such as readymade and made-to-measure curtains. Carry the measurements to the shop and get curtains in all sizes and designs at a nominal figure.

Do little by little

Many furniture companies are coming out with décor items that are neither expensive nor of bad quality. Finding the right ones is a mean task. Invest time and thought to every little piece you handpick and decorate little by little. Attention to detail is the key. Do not buy everything all at once, instead decorate each room carefully. Try and bring your personal style by not going overboard. It is imperative that you tighten the purse strings when needed.

Give a facelift to old furniture

If nothing works, you can always give a makeover to the vintage furniture passed down to you by your loving grandparents. All you need are a pair of discerning eyes and a good carpenter to give those invaluable pieces a brilliant transformation. An antique four post bed can be converted into a sofa set, an old chest a coffee table and a wooden chaise a fancy swing.



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