Kerala, originally known as Keralam, has nearly 600km of the Arabian Sea shoreline with exotic palm-lined beaches. It’s riddled with peaceful backwaters, canals and a myriad gentle rivers inland. In between all this natural beauty, are numerous, well-developed cities with amenities to rival any city in India.

Artech Lakeview

Living in the city does have its share of pluses as you get to have access to numerous amenities within a reasonably short radius. Some of the best hospitals, schools, colleges, businesses and shopping amenities become available to us without any undue stress. More job opportunities, as well as business concern mushroom up in all corners of cities to accommodate the specific needs of its inhabitants.

Being a perceptive builder with firm commitments to the society, we have made it our duty to provide these city dwellers with the best residential facilities in the choicest locations. Our beautifully designed and well-planned apartments stand tall at prime residential pockets in Kollam, Kottayam, Thrissur, and Trivandrum. And not just that, we have thrown in an added bonus of building apartments on river fronts and lake fronts as our special gift to urban dwellers.

This enables city inhabitants to enjoy the best of both worlds. You wake up to a beautiful sunrise over gently lapping waters and the sights and sounds of a myriad of water birds and lush greenery. Couple this with the smell of fresh air, without the perpetual whiff of polluting fumes, and you are completely energized to start another day at work in the city!

However, city life does take its toll on our physical and mental health; aside from the continuous rat race, there is the perpetual cacophony of noise pollutants as well as a mix of weird smells to torture the ordinary man’s mind. It’s this knowledge and understanding of the negatives of living in a city that led us to look for a doorway to give city inhabitants the best of both worlds. And that’s how we came up with the ingenious idea of building homes as close to nature as possible. Even within the city limits!

Going home after a long day at work shouldn’t be like exchanging one cage for another cage.Our river front homes provide you with a need to hurry home at the end of the day and enjoy the luxury of open space that is a balm to the senses after a hard day’s work. Settling by the river or lake side has the added bonus of being able to take a walk or bike along scenic river trails, or just simply relaxing in a folding chair along the river bank and enjoying the cool breeze coming off the water surface. There is also the added bonus of our children getting the opportunity to appreciate nature and get a small sense of rural living alongside nature, as we did during our younger days when we spent vacations in our native villages.The deep blanket of rivers and lakes make the perfect balm for the toils of city life.