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Winter comes with its own follies. Though the cool weather brings forth images of cozy homes and warming foods, comfy blankets and family get-togethers, the same can’t be said about winter’s effects on your home! Winter can cause extensive damage to your home’s interiors and exteriors if care and maintenance issues aren’t addressed on time. Here’s a look at some home maintenance tips:

  • To prevent chilling gusts of cold air from creeping in, check your doors and windows for gaps. Install weather strips wherever there is a need to reduce loss of interior heat and enhancing your heating system’s efficiency.
  • The winters also bring with them the problem of dry air which isn’t only bad for your skin, but for woodwork too. A humidifier can easily take care of this problem. Interestingly, in some climates winters are accompanied with damp, leading to growth of molds and a myriad of allergies and ill-health. A dehumidifier then becomes an essential winter appliance. Service these appliances before winter sets in.
  • In extreme cold weather, pipes, especially external pipes face the danger of freezing. Regular use and indoor heating ensure pipes don’t freeze and then burst, causing extensive damage to your homes walls. Consider covering your exposed pipes with insulation blankets for added winter protection.
  • Clogged gutter and drain pipes can lead to expensive damages too, which is why you need to inspect them before winter sets in. If your roof or ground-level gutters are blocked, water can leak into your ceiling, walls or home’s foundation, leading to expensive damage.
  • Winters are also the time to service your geyser as it’s an essential requirement during the cold weather. For those with a large family, go with geysers that have good storage capacity.
  • Give your home’s heating system a trial run before the winter sets in and ensure that it is functioning smoothly. If needed, service the system as you wouldn’t want the heating system to fail in the middle of a cold spell!
  • For those with a box/window AC, do remember to uninstall it before the cold weather sets in. Seal off the empty space with insulated covering to prevent internal heat loss.

Hope these tips are helpful!