The last couple of weeks have thrown unprecedented and unexpected challenges our way. With the lockdown being imposed to prevent the spread of the deadly COVID 19 pandemic, people world over have stayed indoors. For many, this is perhaps the longest period that you have stayed at home without being able to lead a normal life. Instead of getting frustrated and bogged down in this situation, it is ideal if you have a plan to tackle each day at a time. Here are five activities that can pep you up and keep you happy within your Artech home.

1. Strike the perfect work-life balance

This may be the first time that some of you would be working from home. Work is worship, we agree, but your family needs you too. Plan your work hours so that you can spend quality time with your family too. Follow regular working hours and do your work systematically. Once you are done for the logout and devote your time to your family.

2. Give your home, a makeover

During this lockdown period, give your home that makeover you have always wanted to. Sit everyone down and plan how you would like to go about it. Change the curtains, move the tables and chairs – try out new combinations and find what makes everyone happy. Ensure that you get your kids involved because they would appreciate the attention you give them. This will also give them more time to spend with you.

3. Do something creative

Is that violin gathering dust in that corner? Is that recipe book your grandmother gifted lying idle by the fridge? There are many things that you put off during your busy everyday life for want of time. You got that time now. Utilize it wisely. From spending more time on your favorite hobby to learning something new, use this extra time to build new skills or brush up an old one. This also gives you quality time to bond more with your family and other people who make your life worth living.

4. Simplify your life.

Face it, you cannot go out to the mall or a movie hall for the much-needed recreation. During the lock-down, it is not ideal to step out of the comforts of your happy home. This is the time to re-evaluate what you consider is essential and what is not. Take a moment off for introspection from your otherwise busy life, lighten up and learn to live with adversities.

5. Make a wish list for life post lockdown

Even at the darkest of times, the light of hope shines bright. Know that this too shall pass and pep up your family and friends. Make a list of all things you would love to do post the lockdown and share it with them. And once this troubled phase is over, make sure you fulfill your to-do list.