Let’s get straight to the stuff. Discussed in this blog are ten thoughtful tips you can probably consider when planning to remodel or upgrade your kitchen space to make it more functional, appealing and easy to live & work in. You will certainly appreciate these killer tips!

Tips for Upgrading your KItchen

1. Prepare before you start
Of course, you would have chosen a professional to do the job for you. While doing so, come up with a plan. Decide on almost everything you need in the kitchen. Most importantly, have it on-site. It is never advisable to pick products during the process of renovation.

2. Cabinet Design
New cabinets are easily the biggest expenses in kitchen renovations. Well, if your cabinets are in good shape, you can consider keeping them and merely give them a brand new look. Choosing bright white to paint cabinets is a great idea as white paint creates wonders for outdated cabinets as well as can save you some money. To make the bright white effect more appealing, you can choose to add new hardware to the cabinets. Yet another idea is sprucing up your cabinets with new doors.

3. Add a message center
Set up a message center right near the kitchen telephone (if applicable). Place a bulletin board, white board or chalkboard on the wall, and store a notebook and calendar in a nearby drawer.

4. For your floors, go low
If your kitchen has wood floors currently, you can just refinish them. On the other hand, if you have tile or vinyl floors, you can replace them with less-expensive options such as sealed cork as they are much easier on the feet & back compared to hard tiles and woods.

5. Your statement piece – the stove
Of course, the stove is the focal point of a kitchen. In fact, it is the most visible & the most used appliance. If there is one thing you want to surely replace and upgrade in your kitchen, let that thing be your stove! Today, stoves are available in a myriad of colors and styles, offering you a variety of options. Moreover, consider buying a hood for your cooking range – a valuable addition that will not only make a statement but help with ventilation. You must also think about the area surrounding the stove. Have space on either sides of your cooking range so it is easy to reach to supplies and prep.

6. Cut cleaning time
Well, careful design decisions can make cleaning easy. You can use glass refrigerator shelves that catch spills which wire shelves let through. If you use flush-set sinks, you will not have a crumb-catching rim that would worry you. Choose matte finishes that don’t show dirt like the glossy ones do.

7. Colors
If your kitchen space is small, use light colors. Dark color schemes generally shrink a small space and would make it less inviting. You can use soft shades for kitchen cabinets & natural light in order to expand a small room visually.

8. Light up the kitchen
Needless to say, bringing in more lighting happens to be a smart move when it comes to kitchen renovation. You can hand beautifully designed pendants for both light and style and ensure overhead heading is really bright. See to that light is concentrated more in areas where cooking is done. Remember to add under-cabinet lighting to make a big impact.

9. Centre piece
Fancy floors, splashy tiles, sizable range hoods, busy countertop patterns and bright kitchen cabinets normally give too much to the eye to look at. You can choose one focal point in the entire kitchen design and then complement that area using several quieter, eye-pleasing details.

10. Make recycling easy
Make sure you equip a cabinet with difference containers for metal, plastic and glass. Use a spare drawer to hold old newspapers.