One of the most important aspects that make a city truly likeable for a visitor is the transportation it provides. Perhaps the most developed city when it comes to transportation is Kochi in the whole of Kerala. By the very nature of its geographic location, Kochi has endowed with special transportation capabilities whether it is on land or water.

Now let us take a look at all the transportation capabilities of Kochi.

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Bus Transportation:

One of the most developed transportation systems in Kochi is bus transport like any other part of Kerala. For people to commute through the city there is never a better transport system than the bus. With numerous city buses running to every nook and corner of the city, it is easier to travel to any part of the city. There are government owned KSRTC buses and private buses that run. While the private buses and normal KSRTC buses charge the same fare, there are certain KSRTC buses such as A/C Volvo and Superfast which charge different fare as per the amenities they offer.


One of the most unique types of transportation in Kochi is the Auto-rickshaw that one may find, especially for those who come from foreign countries. Cheap and comfortable, auto-rickshaw is the most preferred mode of transportation for local people to areas where buses don’t reach. People can find auto-rickshaw everywhere as they are omnipresent across the city 24×7.


For people who want to travel to distances comfortably, taxis are the best options. You can always call a taxi from the taxi hub or book one online or by calling taxi operating companies. The advent of online taxi booking services like Uber and Ola is making it all the easier for people to find cheap, yet comfortable taxi services.


With the inauguration of Metro-train in Kochi, the face of Kochi’s transportation has changed for good. A city that always sweats people due to heavy traffic, Kochi is working its way to change that name with the arrival of Kochi Metro. Though metro has not reached its full potential to address all the transportation issues, it certainly is a leap in the right direction. Running now, from Aluva to Palarivattom, one of the busiest routes in Kochi, Kochi Metro is already looking to up the ante by expanding to other parts of the city and nearby districts.

Train Transportation:

Koch is the most developed city in Kerala and hence, it is extensively connected by rail systems as much as possible. At the heart of the city, there are two railway stations with pretty much all the trains running through them. There are local passenger trains that operate between Kochi and other districts of Kerala.


Owing to its incredible location, Kochi is connected to other parts of Kerala through extensive inland waterways. The backwaters act not only as an exceptional tourist attraction but also as a means for cheaper and quicker ways to commute. Though the potential of the inland waterways is not fully tapped yet, there are projects on the horizon from the government to utilize the possibilities such waterways provide.

All these transportation systems complement each other to make Kochi an effortlessly commutable place in all of Kerala.

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