Vastu is perhaps the most important aspect of constructing any building; especially a house. Even after deciding the positions of various rooms and the direction that house must face, it is important that you take care of several other elements, as well. Aspects such as the placement of windows, doors, ventilations and stairs of the house must function complementing each other to ensure that the house offers great tranquility, serenity and peace to the people living in the house.

As various aspects of a house go, we will today discuss about a few important aspects that must be taken care of while installing windows.

Where the windows are placed:

The first and foremost reason a window is used in a house is for great flow of air and light. And hence, every window that you have must do exactly that. It is considered in Vastu that East, North or North-East direction allows for greater air current to your home and hence the bigger the size of the window placed at any of these directions, the better the flow of air will be. As such, you must ensure that the window is never placed at the South-West direction as it can bring bad omen for people. On the other hand, windows placed at the North-East direction can bring prosperity, happiness, peace and let more air and light to the room.

The size of the windows:

Once you have decided upon the directions towards which you want to install the windows, it is time that you decide on the size of the windows that you are going to use for your house.

Consider the following factors;

  • Bigger windows must be placed towards the direction of North, East and North-East. Bigger windows placed at the east directions can bring fame, good health and prosperity for your homes
  • If you have the need to place windows towards North-West and South-East directions, medium-sized windows can be placed there.
  • If you have the need to place windows towards South and West directions, Small-sized windows can be used there.
  • Very small windows are a perfect fit for walls that face South-West direction or the room towards the South-West direction.
  • No windows must be installed or fitted at South-West corner of a room facing South-West direction.

Number of the windows:

Usually, the numbers of the windows installed in a house does not have any sort of Vastu significance and hence, this must not cause you any worry.

The material used for the window: It is always better to use the material that you prefer for making windows as it does not make any difference to the overall Vastu value of the house. If there is any suggestion by an expert Vastu practioner to use any particular material while building windows for a particular room, you must listen to the requirement.

Though considering Vastu for windows might seem a little far-stretched to many people at the beginning, the more you understand Vastu, the better you will be able to appreciate the use of it.