Surely the God of nature was in a very good mood when he was creating Kerala… This southern coastal state is blessed abundantly with numerous natural rivers, lakes, backwaters, beaches, hill stations, and waterfalls. Being the state that receives abundant monsoon rains, there is no shortage of water here and you can find numerous waterfalls tucked away amongst the emerald green forests.

Close to Trivandrum city, the capital of Kerala, you will find one such waterfall, named the Meenmutty waterfalls. The name roughly translates into ‘where the fish are blocked’ in the local language. This is because the rough waters aren’t very conducive for the fish to swim in. This waterfall is located roughly 45km away from Trivandrum city and makes a great weekend getaway for its residents. It is close to the scenic Neyyar dam but vehicles can only go up to a certain point only. After that, there is a roughly 2km trek from Kallar through a beautiful green forest which adds a further element of adventure to getting to the waterfall. And if you go a further 2km into the forests there is another waterfall known as the Kombaikani Falls upstream of the Meenmutty falls. It is on the trekking path that leads all the way to the Agastyakoodam hill.

To get to the Meenmutty Falls, you will need to get a permit from the Forest Department and take a mandatory local guide to accompany you to the waterfall. There is a small rest house close to the falls and you can make prior arrangements if you want to stay there overnight. The waterfall looks like something exotic right out of a movie. The jagged rocks, foaming waters and the surrounding greenery accompanied by the chilly air all make for an unbelievably divine experience. It’s a great place to visit with family and friends. And what’s best is that it’s still a clean and unpolluted location.

And if you listen carefully, it’s almost as if the waterfall is singing…..the surrounding geographical features probably contribute to this phenomenon. The thrill of gushing white water is so elemental and is followed by the placid pools where you can frolic in nature’s bounty. This is definitely a must-see and must-hear experience. It’s the kind of place you wouldn’t forget easily, a place people travel far and wide to get to spend some quality time soaking in the peace and tranquility in Mother Nature’s lap.

If you are lucky enough to be residing in Trivandrum city itself, you can treat yourself to this rejuvenating experience as often as you can getaway!