Kerala has been witnessing a boom in most sectors, including the real estate industry. With changing lifestyles, the current generation of Malayalees is buying their own homes a little earlier as compared to the previous generation. This could be due to an increasing population, greater economic freedom, better loan facilities and of course, more employed people seizing the opportunity of becoming a part of the booming real estate industry and investing at the right time.

Kerala Real Estate Market

Malayalees are also more aware of the living standards available and likewise, property developers have brought in innovative changes in designing homes; currently, projects are divided into budget, luxury and premium, depending on the facilities available and the types of materials used.

The earlier trend of using property as an investment and selling it off when the prices went up has come down a lot. With Kerala real estate showing one of the highest economic growth spurts in recent times, it might be a good time to be a part of the bandwagon now. A lot of freebies are being offered along with thoughtfully planned out homes for almost all sizes of pockets. Whether it’s a villa or an apartment, builders are now offering fantastic amenities to go with the beautiful surroundings that ‘Gods own country’ has been abundantly blessed with! Apartments now come with swimming pools, gyms, club houses, children’s parks, landscaped gardens, crèches, rooftop areas designed for hosting parties and spare rooms for visitors! What more could a person want? All this is apart from the atmosphere of community living with high-tech security in a walled complex where you and your precious ones will be safe.

With Kerala being a popular tourist destination spot, property prices are escalating daily; other major factors contributing to the spiraling rates could be the numerous upcoming government projects including airports, seaports as well as the metro rail being planned for Kozhikode and Trivandrum, aside from further expansion of the one in Kochi. These three major cities are also attracting people like magnets and realtors are not far behind in offering them modern homes and offices with all the latest technologies at hand.

Property investment is a secure way of building up your wealth portfolio, which is only going to multiply with time. That having been said, property buying can be a big hassle with loans and legal issues to take care of. Still, don’t let that put you off, as this is the right time to invest as property rates are only going to get higher with time. But first you have to decide which type of investor you are going to be- one who is in for the long haul or the one in for a shorter time and hoping to make profit on the property and selling it off as soon as good margins are achieved. In such a case, the gains would include property value increase along with income from rent.

Investing in Kerala real estate promises you a real treat in the wake of the upcoming high-rises equipped with the latest amenities; and with Kerala emerging as a progressive state, it beckons to investors from all types of backgrounds!