It is always amazing to have a room where you can heal your body, mind and soul; a place helping you to connect to a higher power you believe in and to escape from the routine stress you undergo? Depending on your faith, you can call it a prayer room or a meditation room. But the important thing is that it is always quite exceptional to have a room that can facilitate peace, tranquillity and emotional well-being of your family and of you.

Important Things to Consider While Creating a Prayer or Meditation Room | Artech Realtors

While there aren’t many clear rules dictating the creation of a meditation or prayer room, considering certain aspects can help you elevate your experience, however.

Choose a feel-good space: Choose a place you are comfortable to pray or meditate at. Do not pick a random space just because it is available. Prudently select a space that you feel good at and at peace with yourself naturally. Space is an important aspect in bringing you the peace and tranquillity, which you are searching for, through prayers and meditation.

Clean and uncluttered: The last thing you want to have in your prayer or meditation room is distractions. And, having a cluttered area in the room is a prime culprit in warding off the serenity you are trying so hard to find coming to the room. So it is really imperative that you keep the room relatively simple, uncluttered and exceptionally clean. Ensure that you do not have a lot of furniture at the room; keep anything to a minimum and remove everything unwanted.

Bring nature into your prayer or meditation room: As nature is perhaps the best place for healing, meditating and praying, it is only befitting that you bring certain natural elements to your prayer or meditation room. You can bring any sort of natural elements that you are comfortable with; little plants, crawlers or any flowers in a jar or even sand and stones.

Aromatherapy: A key element to make your prayer or meditation room feel all the more holy is to use Aromatherapy. Using essential oils of plants, such as chamomile, lavender and peppermint, can bring great soothing effect to your body, mind and soul.

Add a personal touch: Since prayer or meditation room is a place for tranquillity and serenity, it is always wise to give it a personal touch to make it more personal and feel closer to you. It can make the entire process of meditation and prayer more elevating.

Fresh air is important: Fresh air is a vital aspect that can improve your brainpower, make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. In order to ensure a great flow of air, your room must be effectively ventilated. There must be enough space for the air to move around.

Taking these aspects into consideration, while creating a prayer or meditation room, can always help you make the most out of the room. You may also consider what Vastu or Feng Shui has to say while choosing the right location for your prayer room, as well.