One of the best features of buying into a gated community project is the plethora of amenities that come with it. These extras are features that you wouldn’t expect to find with independent homes. Builders are well aware of the importance of these amenities and how they provide a competitive edge in drawing customers to their projects.

When looking to buy a flat, ensure that the flat or apartment comes with the kind of amenities that you need to add quality to your lifestyle. It isn’t something you should compromise on as you would otherwise be stuck with a lifetime of feeling unsatisfied. Having the right kind of amenities with a flat is also useful in drawing tenants when giving it out for renting.

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Here is a list of some of the must-have amenities that come with conventional flats:


Urban dwellers are becoming more discerning over time and prefer having certain in-house recreational amenities such as swimming pools, children’s playground, air-conditioned unisex gyms, badminton courts, etc. The inclusion of these amenities only makes the apartments more customer-centric, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Common Spaces

As living in flats has its space limitations, you need to have availability of amenities like common multi-purpose halls or open terraces that can be used for large gatherings and parties.

Car parking

Lack of covered car parking can lead to years of stress to your life. When choosing a flat, don’t compromise on one that doesn’t have a car-parking facility.


With homes going vertical in most cities, it’s essential that high-rises come with lifts, and in large apartment complexes, ensure there are sufficient numbers of lifts. And that’s not all as regular lift maintenance also needs to be provided.

Power backup

Lifts further highlight the importance of power backup in flats. With global warming and temperatures zooming upwards, power backup becomes a non-negotiable amenity that you must ensure comes with the home.


A 24×7 security is an absolute must as far as important amenities go, and a feature that can’t be compromised on. It can be in the form of 24-hour security personnel or through the use of automated devices.

Water supply

With cities increasingly experiencing water shortage, getting water to your flat on your own can be a herculean task. Don’t let this situation arise by ensuring the flat has arrangements for its own 24×7 water supply.

Waste disposal

This basic requirement shouldn’t be relegated to the back, but looked into as an important amenity – after all, no one wants to live with their crap!

Lastly, also ensure that along with all these amenities its maintenance is also provided for!