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Your home is your pride and joy, your solace at day’s end. You invest so much in it to make it the perfect dream home you have always longed for. Its natural then that you would want to keep it protected from burglars and intruders too. In this digital age, there are a number of gadgets and devices available that you can install to keep your home safe from would-be intruders. Here’s a look at some of these devices:

Smart Locks

Digital locks come paired with all sorts of features. Some work with a touch pad which recognizes your fingerprint, others with a security code. Then there are those ones that have a camera linked to the lock which allows you to see who’s outside. Accordingly, you can open the door with a click on your smartphone app.

Web Cameras

These security cameras have been around for some time now. They make the perfect smart home gadget for interior and exterior surveillance. They are becoming smaller and more stylish by the day and are even made in the form of a décor item to help you secretly survey your maid’s activities or nanny’s behavior towards your kids, in your absence.

Motion Sensors

These security gadgets are perfect for keeping tabs on the interiors and exteriors of your home without disturbing the inhabitant’s. You will get an alert on your smartphone app whenever there is any movement on your front porch landing detected by these sensors.

Smart Peepholes

A digital peephole is a vast improvement on the traditional peephole which only offers a limited view. With a digital peephole, you get a wider range of view of your front door hallway, both horizontally and laterally on an LCD screen.


This is a very interesting deterrent that misleads potential miscreants from breaking in. This device projects LED images on the walls and windows making it appear as if someone is up!

Dog Alarm

This new-age gadget helps protect your property by triggering very realistic barking sounds. This dog alarm operates on radar and microwave technology and is guaranteed to chase away any intruder!

Apartment dwellers living within gated communities with 24×7 security however, don’t really need these additional security measures.