Colorful Candles: You can create a colorful candle yourself by using a small cup and leftover candles. You just have to melt the candles carefully and pour the wax into the cup along with a wick and a crayon color. You can add pebbles or flowers at the bottom of the cup to make it look more attractive.

Tips to Make Your Room Unique

Decorative Wooden Pieces: You might have seen many not so expensive wooden structures in the shopping mart that you regularly visit. You can get one that you think would suit your room. After selecting one you can then add your personal touch by coloring or sponging it with a color that would go well with the color of your room. You can then go ahead and hang it in your room and get envied by your friends and relatives.

Attractive Vases: There are many various types of vases available out there in the market. It would be great if you could create a unique vase according to your taste and style. A unique vase would add more distinctiveness to your room. It would also be great if you could use your creativity and make it very attractive using various patterns that would go well with the room interiors.

Attractive Cushions: Cushions play a major role inside every room. You can add more creativity by making cushion covers by yourself. You can use old clothes along with colorful clothing materials to make a very attractive looking cushion. This will help improve the attractiveness of your room completely.

Nametag: This may sound old school. But it really adds more uniqueness to your room. You simply have to put up a nametag that you can create. A nametag that would suit your personality would be the best option