pooja room designs in apartments

Even with changing lifestyles and evolving society, the need to stay connected with God still holds sway in most people’s lives. For this reason, people look for a space in their homes where they can set-up their Pooja room. With nearly half of the country’s population living in apartments, this can get a little challenging with the ongoing space constraints.

As the Pooja room ensures the flow of positive energy and its enhancing effects on all members of the household, install your prayer room in accordance with the principles of Vastu Shastra. There are a number of ready-to-install designs of pooja ‘mandaps’ that you can buy into your apartments. Here’s a look at some tips to guide you on Pooja room designs for your home:

  • You could make your Pooja room a part of the living room as it provides ample space for the family to pray together. Choose an area where you can pray facing the east. You could change the decor in this area a little too so that it stands out.
  • Another ideal place for your Pooja room is the awkward unused corners in the apartment. You could add shelves here to hold your pooja materials. If space permits you could also add ethnic-styled wooden shutters to enclose this area and provide privacy.
  • Pooja room on a wall is the most convenient form. The markets are flooded with numerous ready-made designs of pooja rooms in different shapes and sizes. Buy one that is proportionate to your wall space and ensure it’s hung on an east-facing wall.
  • The cupboard is another ideal place to set up your pooja room. You have the full freedom of space as well as privacy here. However, do ensure that the shutters have vents for incense fumes to escape through.
  • Shelves are easily available in every home. Instead of displaying your mementoes on them, you could convert it into your pooja area instead.
  • And if nothing else works out, you could convert a kitchen cabinet into your pooja area. Ensure that it is in the north, east or north-east direction.

Other things to keep in mind are that the idols shouldn’t be facing each other and neither should they be broken. You should also avoid having more than one Pooja room in a home.