Trivandrum is the capital city of the gloriously green state of Kerala. With its numerous surrounding beaches, verdant greenery and mild weather, it’s the ideal place to set up home base in…and not just for the indigenes either, as many non-Keralites too have settled down in Trivandrum owing to the peaceful environment, a cultured society as well as the numerous facilities the city has to offer. It is the second largest city in the state that’s also known fondly as ‘God’s own country’ owing to the abundance of nature’s blessings to this southern state in India. With the Western Ghats on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other, Trivandrum and its nearby locations make for a great backdrop to living a privileged life.


With the setting up of the IT parks in Trivandrum, the demand for homes has gone up drastically and more and more people are looking to rent or buy new homes. Interestingly, it seems the mindset of Malayalis is finally changing and people are no longer clinging to the old concept of just villas for homes; the new era has slowly crept in (finally!) and Trivandrumites are now ready for the apartment culture. Over the last decade or so, numerous real estate builders have set up base in the city and are providing top-notch apartment complexes, the likes of which can be found in large metro cities.

The city offers great job potential with high earning power, and with the backing of the NRI money, the indigenes are well-heeled to afford buying their own homes from a younger age onwards. Earlier, people started thinking about buying homes only after hitting their 40’s, but now this age has come down by more than a decade with couples preferring to bring their first baby home to a self-owned apartment.
The realty sector has been seeing a steady growth over the years in this city due to the many plus points Trivandrum offers when compared to other cities. Being a comparatively smaller city (and growing!), there is less pollution, less congestion and more green lung spaces within the city precincts along with this, there are better roads, better water and electricity connectivity, excellent healthcare facilities, premier colleges and schools as well as a multi-lingual society that is fluent in English and Hindi as well as Malayalam.

The real estate sector in Trivandrum is booming, with the rapid increase being due to the increasing population, better socio-economic conditions and also the availability of easy finance to sponsor investment into real estate. Although most people still prefer to buy homes towards the city center, newer projects are being started on the district outskirts too like Peroorkada, Vattiyoorkavu, Kazhakoottam, Nedumangad and Balaramapuram. Though the cost of building haven’t gone up that much, this is the best time to invest in real estate, and you would do well to check out the online websites of the various builders. All the details of their complete as well as ongoing projects along with floor designs, amenities, rates, etc, are usually available on the site, so you can start by doing your homework online first! Check the potential for capital gains of your realty investment too before venturing into buying.