For many, there can be nothing more satisfying in life than buying their dream home. They spend the entire savings of their past and commit their future just to make sure that the house is picture perfect. But if you’ve spent so much time and energy in buying a house, don’t you think the interior designs should justify the investment as well? For those who’re looking for tips on interior decoration for home, here are some of them;

Interior Design Ideas for Kerala Homes

a) To make a small living room space make look big, make sure that you place furniture carefully so that separate zones are created. This makes the room appear bigger than usual.

b) Don’t just throw away old things: Collecting clutter does not make sense, but you can certainly keep a few things that serve as a memory for sweet incidents from the past. Also, reclaiming a few of your old furniture makes a lot of sense; both financially as well as environmentally.

c) Working with the surrounding: Every house has its limitation with respect to the size and scale. You will have to work within the given environment. Implementing a little of your neighborhood is a great idea; thus we have decorators who make use of Kerala style interior design. Lamps placed strategically within the house, curtains made from bamboo reeds, an intricately carved swing in the center of the living room are just some of the many ideas that can be used.

d) Keeping comfort in mind: The problem with most people is that they’re often carried away when buying furniture and end up over spending. Sometimes, there isn’t any money left for essential furniture as well. To avoid all of this, make sure you keep a check on your excitement. Comfort is another most important factor! In fact, when you think about the concept of a home sweet home, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Comfort of course!

e) Do not overcrowd: Here again, the trick is to understand the limitations of the space provided and buy furniture and other accessories accordingly. After all, you aren’t buying things to fit them in a curio shop. Keeping the idea simple and clean makes the room appear bigger as well.

f) When in doubt…stick to classics: There’s a reason why people still prefer classic. Time tested furniture pieces still maintain their old world charm and are far more practical than contemporary furniture designs.
These are just some of the many interior decoration ideas. There can be nothing more gratifying than designing your own home.