KalyaniVazhuthacadu3 BHKSemi3500
CelestiaNanthancodu3 BHKFully1800
MeenakshiVazhuthacadu2 BHKSemi-
VarshaNalanchira2 BHKSemi0
CourtyardAmbalamukku2 BHK+ StudySemi-
MeenakshiVazhuthacadu3 BHKSemi-
MalathiVazhuthacadu3 BHKSemi (AC, Bed)-
EmpirePatoor3 BHKFully ( premium)1900
LegacyNr. Technopark3 BHK--
MetropolisMannanthala2 BHKSemi-
FuturaVenpalaattom2 BHKSemi1300
AvantikaVellayambalam2 BHKFully-
EmpirePattoor4 BHKFully3800
EmpirePattoor2 BHkSemi (AC, BED, Refrigarator)1550
MeenakshiVazhuthacadu2 BHKSemi (AC, TV)-
MeenakshiVazhuthacadu3 BHkFully-
EmpirePatoor3 BHKSemi-
CourtyardAmbalamukku3 BHKSemi-
KalyaniVazhuthacadu3 BHKSemi (All room AC)2000
AkkulamLegacy2 BHK + study romSemi (bed)-
NalanchiraVarsha3 BHKSemi-
RioKottayam3 BHKFully-


Apartments for rent in Trivandrum

Where would you rather live – in your own house or a rental home? Well, a little research is all you need to find the answer to this question. One of the key determiner, when you decide to invest in real estate, is your income. If you can afford it, it is ideal to invest in a house, however, this is not a feasible idea if you are short on income. The other major factors that you have to consider while buying a flat includes the proximity to your children’s school, your place of work and other urban conveniences. If you know that you are going to be in a place only for a short period, it is ideal to rent an apartment than investing in a home.

Trivandrum, being the capital city sees a lot of floating population. If you are one of them, it is ideal to rent a home from Artech Realtors, one of the top real estate firms in Kerala. If you are someone who is looking for a classy address to call your own during the limited time you are staying in Trivandrum, Artech Realtors offers an array of well-maintained apartments for rent in Trivandrum. Spacious and strategically located, each of the 2, 3 and 4 BHK homes from Artech Realtors offers you a stylish new lifestyle. While some of these flats on rent are fully-furnished some others provide you with semi-furnished option. However, what makes these homes among the best available to rent out in Trivandrum is because they are at the most happening places in and around the heart of the city. These apartments on rent are close to major schools, hospitals, offices and colleges in the city. And that is not all. These apartments on rent offer the best competitive rental rates in the real estate market in Trivandrum. For the comforts that they offer, these apartments on rent are among the sophisticated addresses in town. Posh neighbourhoods, an elegant lifestyle, and more are on offer when you move into a home by Artech Realtors.

Give us a call, book a visit and move into one of these elegant addresses as soon as possible.