There are chances that you might have a stair at the centre of your home. However you try to avoid having a stair at the centre, you cannot sometimes avoid it. Whatever be the colour, design and the materials that you have chosen for the stair, it is really important that you take advantage of specific feng shui cures to ensure the balance of the energy at your home.

Feng Shui Tips for a Staircase at the Center of a Home | Artech Realtors
While doing this, it is important to understand that as a general rule, it is not good to have a stair at the centre of your house as it can drain the energy of your home, which is bad for the house, the people, their health and all their endeavours.

We bring to you two important tips that you can do to improve the flow of energy at the staircase.

Find the best design:

One of the important things to keep in mind is that you have to keep searching for the best method that can help you ground the energy of the centre staircase. Most of the times, you can bring various style and design elements such as vibrant plants, arts, rugs or even good lighting to bring the stability that you want the area of the stair to traverse.

You need to keep moving the things that are already there, introducing a couple of newer things and keep experimenting with the place to understand which one works better for you.

In order to get the best results that you expect, work with the feng shui elements of Fire and Earth. Also keep in mind that lower the level of metal and wood in the area d├ęcor, the better it is going to fare for you.

Check to affirm that the energy in the region of the staircase is stable with a good, clear flow of Chi.

While striving to balance the energy at the area of your centre staircase with the rest of your house, you must also warrant a good flow of Chi. The presence of various aspects, such as too many rooms, entrance to the bathroom, an entrance to the garage and having large furniture placed close to the stair, can infinitely block the natural flow of energy, which is not conducive for the house and the people and living there.

When there are too many doors, you are letting the energy flow faster, which cannot do any good for your house. When in such situation, you need to create certain focal points where the energy can flow slower around the house before completing the cycle.

This goes pretty much the same if there is too much blockade that locks the energy inside, as well. You need to move the things around a little to establish that the energy has enough space to move around to breathe and flow through the house.

In order to ensure that your house has the right energy flow even after having a centre staircase, make use of the above-given tips that can definitely help you. However, it is important to understand that it is a continuous effort rather a one-time affair.