Mirrors often referred to as the aspirin of feng shui, are one of the most imperative, powerful and popular feng shui cures. Mirrors are treated as a representation of water, one of the important elements in feng shui. It is advocated heavily by the practitioners of feng shui that the right positions of mirrors can always bring great prosperity to the people, your house and your office. In feng shui, it is believed that mirrors have an innate ability to bring and fill the house with positive energy. As such, care must always be taken to ensure that whenever you plan to use a mirror anywhere, the location of the mirror and other elements of feng shui go tandem with each other for greater benefits, all the time.

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When it comes to mirrors, let us see the types of mirrors used in feng shui:

Typical Mirrors

These are the mirrors that are defined by its very shape and the kind of material used in creating the frame for them.

Concave Mirrors

According to feng shui, concave mirrors are best to be used outside.

Convex Mirrors

Though it is often advocated to be used outside, convex mirrors can also be used inside a house. The mirrors are said to have protective capabilities. Unless properly framed, the convex mirrors cannot be used inside a house.

Best places to keep feng shui mirrors

The positioning of mirrors is what makes all the difference and if you do not take care of the locations, you may not be able to get all the benefits from using it.


Placing mirrors on the East is said to bring health for the family.


It is believed that when mirrors are placed on the southeast side, they bring wealth in abundance to the family.


In feng shui, it is considered that placing mirrors on the North brings better career prospects and professional prosperity.

It is important to know that where not to place a mirror according to feng shui and it has as much importance as for where to place a mirror. As such, let us see, where you must not place mirrors if you follow feng shui architectural methods.


When mirrors are placed on the South, it has the potential to tarnish your reputation and fame.

Entrance or Main Door

The mirrors must never face the main entrance or the door to the house.

Bed Room

Mirrors must not face the bed when placed inside a bedroom, and you must also never place mirrors above your bed.

Apart from this, another important thing to consider is that no two mirrors must come face-to-face. When mirrors are placed like that, there is a chance of creating a type of energy that is not advantageous for the family and the people living in the house.