As people started to spend more money in constructing houses now than ever, houses with multiple floors have become a norm. This naturally asks for multiple stairs to be built to bridge the gap between there floors. Now, there is a wide plethora of shapes and materials available for people looking to build a house. However, since Vastu is an important element in building a house, care must be taken to ensure that the blueprint of your stairs conforms to various Vastu elements and guidelines.


In order to make sure that your stair does not pose any threat to the house, the lives and endeavors of the people living in the house, certain aspects have to be taken care of.

Let us take a look at them;

The direction of the stair

While building a staircase, care must be taken to ensure that it is on the West or the South side of the house. In any situation, a stair must never be constructed on the North-East side of the house, as it can bring great loses to the owner of the house, financially. In fact, it is observed that when the stair is built at any position other than the advocated West or the South, it can bring a deluge of financial loss to the owner of the house.

Now, let us consider a few of the tips given by Vastu to warrant that the stairs always bring good for the house and the people living in it.

  • An external staircase facing east is allowed to be built at the south-east direction; likewise, one facing west at the south-west direction and another facing north at north -west direction are also allowed to be built.
  • Make sure that the stair begins either from east to west or from north to south, at all cases. If there is a dearth of space, it is tolerable to take turns to other sides.
  • The total number of stairs must be an odd number. The vertical set of the staircase must always include an odd number, and upon dividing the number using 3, 2 must be the remainder obtained.
  • Circular staircases are never recommended by Vastu as it can cause bad health for people and avoid creating stairs that encircle the entire building as it is believe to bring huge calamities.
  • A room that includes a staircase at the basement’s southwest corner is never auspicious. Vastu states that the people who live in such rooms can contact severe health problems such as uncontrollable blood pressure and anemia along with other undiagnosed diseases.
  • It is important to construct doors at the beginning and at the end of every stair that you build and that the stairs ever make contact with neither the northern nor the eastern walls.
  • Any damage to the stairs must be fixed immediately, as broken or damaged stairs, as per Vastu, can bring bad omen and accidents.
  • The stairs must be painted with subtle and light colors; any use of the shades in black and/or red must be carefully avoided at all times.

It is essential that you pay attention to these important that Vastu is offering to you while constructing a stair at your house.