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Going green is the need of the hour and the best place to start is in your home. Making eco-friendly choices by minimizing the use of plastics and materials containing hazardous chemicals is a good way to begin. Using sustainable and eco-friendly products for home decoration doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be overly expensive either. You just need to make more informed choices for eco-friendly home decorating that blends both style and sustainability. Here are some examples:

Eco-friendly Décor Materials

Go with natural fibers wherever possible. Buy furniture covered with cotton, jute or other natural materials instead of synthetic products. Same applies for preferring linen or jute curtains and cotton bed linen over synthetic materials. Upcycled materials, especially for rugs are a great idea. You could also consider investing in attractive décor made with bamboo, hemp, rattan or plant fiber.

Indoor Plants

Plants have a number of positive traits that might surprise you. Aside from being a mood booster, plants can help purify your indoor air as well as balance the humidity level in the house. The best part is that plants make excellent décor items with their eye-catching splash of lively color. You can even create a thriving balcony garden throwing in potted plants, hanging plants, creepers, herbs, vegetables, etc., and provide more oxygen for the planet!

Wall Paint

Every few years, your home needs a new lick of paint. When choosing paint, go with one that doesn’t contain toxic chemicals called VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Unknown to some, VOCs are harmful to humans as well as the environment. These chemicals release toxic emissions into the air that can cause allergies, breathing problems, eye inflammations, etc., to the inhabitants.

Energy-efficient Lighting

To follow a sustainable lifestyle, you will need to ensure you are using the right type of lighting too. Incandescent lamps use up more energy as well as create heat. Replace them with LED or CFL lamps and reduce your use of electricity.

Natural Air Fresheners

Replace chemical air fresheners with a bowl of fragrant potpourri or spices to provide a soothing aroma to your home. Chemical fresheners can induce allergies and aggravate asthma. Eco-friendly scented candles are another delightful option that looks charming too.