For many, their dream home comes with a contemporary courtyard in it. A private space, away from the pollution, and peering eyes of neighbours, where one can indulge in quality ‘me’ time. Artech Courtyard, Trivandrum – our recently launched project – is inspired by this very dream.

Artech Courtyard Trivandrum

Across many cultures over the world, a courtyard in a house was an integral part. In Kerala, most traditional houses uses eco-friendly construction materials, with many having courtyards or ‘ Nallu Kettu’. The architectural style of a ‘Nallu Kettu’ was ideal for a tropical state — giving way to more balmy sun light and private, secure spaces for children. The traditional ‘Nallu Kettu also proved air circulation in the house; an important element often forgotten by both residential and commercial builders. And it was seen as a sign of aristocracy

There has been a scientific reasoning given to why courtyards are beneficial. Researchers from the University of Seville (Spain) have studied extensively what has been known for centuries: the temperature inside a typical Mediterranean courtyard is cooler than that of the street. They have drawn to the conclusion that better raia circulation results in the favourable temperature which in effect saves energy and money and makes the building more eco-efficient.

Due to their many benefits, the concept of a courtyard is seeing a contemporary resurgence. Perhaps one of the main reason promoting courtyard in apartment complexes is due to a need for fortified green space that gives way to a better community living.

Artech Courtyard is in itself a semi-enclosed ‘C’ shaped building that provides a secure outdoor campus for the community to bond and a safe place for children to play. Most of our common amenities are centered around the courtyard so that you can meet old friends and make news ones in a stress-free environment. With its seamless indoor and outdoor link, a courtyard space is ideal for a gated community, connecting the building and its residents to its natural environment.

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