Flooring is an important aspect that can really define a house. Depending upon the material used, floors can bring great character, style and elegance to the entire house. As the case is, it is vital that you select a flooring option that aptly matches all your requirements.

Here, we have brought three popular flooring options for your consideration.


Marble is often considered stylish and a signature flooring option for the rich. Marble is frequently available in various finishes such as polished, hone and sand or abrasive finish.

Marble Flooring | Artech Realtors

The good:

  • Mable is famous for its superior, durable and ornamental occurrence and is often considered a signature style by many.
  • Marble flooring tends to last for longer years than you might expect.
  • It can provide great soothing and pleasant feel underfoot especially during the super-hot summer seasons.
  • It is really easy to maintain, and it only requires minimum care.

The bad:

  • Marble is quite expensive, and getting the desired ones can be costly.
  • It is really heavy.
  • If there is high traffic at home, it may not retain its shine for longer.
  • It has to be carefully cleaned as marbles are more prone to damages due to improper cleaning methods.


As tiles come in a myriad of colours, styles and patterns, they have become one of the most preferred flooring options for people from all walks of life.

Tile Flooring | Artech Realtors

The good:

  • Tiles are durable and strong.
  • Tiles are antimicrobial.
  • Tiles are good insulators.
  • Tiles are fire-resistant.
  • Slip-resistant variants are now available in the market.

The bad:

  • It may not provide the elegance that many people want their houses to have.
  • Wet tiles can be slippery and cause tip-overs.

Wood flooring:

Most of the times, people who want rich and elegant looks for their floors resort to using wooden flooring. Wooden flooring is usually done on another floor to get the style and look it can give.

Wooden Flooring | Artech Realtors

The good:

  • It is really stylish and can bring a royal feel to the house.
  • It provides great comfortable underfoot, especially in colder weather as woods tend to be warmer than other types of floor.
  • As you may need, in order to retain the polish of the floor, you can re-polish the same.

The bad:

  • It can collect dust over a period of time if not cleaned properly.
  • Upon improper maintenance, it may absorb water, and promote microbial growth.
  • Wooden flooring is very expensive.

As you have seen the advantages and disadvantages of all the three flooring options, it is up to you, based on your requirements, to make the final decision as to which one suits you the best. You may consider a few factors such as the price, the style, the durability of the floor and the traffic the floor will have to endure, before making the final decision. Unlike other elements of a house, such as painting, d├ęcor and furniture, floors are often extremely difficult to change and hence making the best decision is really indispensable.