In the grand scheme of things that talk about the type of furniture, home décor and a myriad of other home furnishing options, a safer flooring option for the elderly at home has become a thing of trivial significance. However—although we often choose not to talk about it—we all age, and it is important that while flooring your home, you take this aspect into serious consideration; because, naturally, everyone ages.

So, here are a few flooring options that can help you go for one that is safer for the elder people in your house;

Carpeting the Floor:

Being a softer material, using carpets for flooring your house can bring great comfort underfoot. It is also capable of bringing a degree of protection against tripping and falling, not just for the elders but also for the children at your house. It can also work exceptionally well as a warm material underfoot during the monsoons to keep you warm. It can be great blessing, especially for the elderly.

Using Cork Floors:

Cork is another material that is soft and can protect elderly people and children from breaking bones or sustaining severe injuries in case of trips and falls. The material can, like carpet we have discussed before, keep the room warm in rainy seasons. Cork also provides great traction underfoot, which makes the entire affair of walking on it a tad easier than on other materials. When there is enough traction, the chances of tripping and falling down are considerably reduced, providing room for better safety.

Using Linoleum Flooring

For elder residents, who cannot complete intricate maintenance routines of the floor, there may not be a better flooring option than the linoleum flooring; easy to maintain, inherently anti-microbial and anti-static. It can also keep hazardous germs and dust at bay. In order to ensure the safety of the people using it, the subfloor, where it is placed on, must be soft or there must be padding installed between the linoleum and the subfloor.

Using Rubber Flooring:

As rubber provides great grip and footing on the floor, it is often used at places where physical activities usually happen, such as gym or school sports arenas etc. Having rubber flooring can not only prevent the elderly from tripping and falling but also ensure the safety of the people and the house against fire, as rubber is naturally fire-resistant. It is important to consider the type of flooring that provides you a proper balance between safety, quality and aesthetical appeal. Giving more importance to any one of these aspects can bring issues that you may not appreciate.