child friendly apartments

Societal structure has been evolving over the years with the end-result being the nuclear family system. When buying a home for smaller families its essential you look for homes that have child-friendly features – both on the inside and the outside. With both parents working and constrained for quality time for their children, it becomes essential to invest in child-friendly apartments in Trivandrum where your child will not only be safe, but enjoy recreational, daycare as well as educational facilities too – all on the home turf itself.  

A number of builders are providing child-friendly projects that not only include a safe play area, but also an indoor nursey, a daycare center, a separate pool for kids, etc. Such projects provide a safe and stimulating environment for children where they can mingle with other neighboring kids and build lifelong relationships.

Here’s a look at some features of a child-friendly apartment:

Safe Interiors

Child-friendly apartments in Trivandrum usually come with child-centric features that could include higher grills on balconies and terraces. Keeping in mind the inquisitive nature of children, electrical points and switches are placed strategically out of their way too. Additionally, guards are fitted onto accident-prone areas along with thoughtfully placed nightlamps.

Safe Exteriors

You will also find child-friendly apartments with 24×7 manned gates controlling entry of strangers. CCTV surveillance monitoring of all common areas and exteriors of the project ensure complete safety for your child.

Indoor Fun

Engaging with indoor games and co-curricular activities ensures that your child learns a sense of teamwork and expands his/her intellectual capacity along with staying busy gainfully.

Outdoor Games

Playing outdoors without any worries is a great way for kids to unwind and stay active. In a child-friendly apartment, the parent doesn’t have to worry about the child’s safety and kids can play unaccompanied with minimal supervision.

All-round Development

With a number of child-friendly facilities available on-ground, parents can easily become a part of their child’s development and monitor them, without having to go out again in the evenings for kid’s activities.

And the best part is that you get to enjoy all these additional child-friendly facilities at a nominal increase in the price of your home – because your child is worth it!