The Pride of Kerala

It took us over two decades of commitment and focused work to become the Pride of Kerala in the realty sector.

India’s first builder to get SA8000: 2014 certification is a great achievement.

Today, Artech is Kerala’s Top Builder in ongoing projects. Over 2000 homes are rising up from Artech – the highest number of homes being built by any builder in Kerala today or in the past.

Artech became the prized choice of customers who wanted the best homes that they could buy in Kerala for many reasons. Be it NRIs or people living in India, Artech gave its customers many great reasons to be a part of the Artech lifestyle community.

Prime location is an important factor. In the capital of Kerala, if you go to any landmark junction and look up you will find an Artech Project there.

Quality of homes is another noteworthy factor. Artech uses premium materials, the finest craftsmen and the best experts in all the areas of construction and design.

Innovative architecture and international design is another factor. This elevates the lifestyle of customers into a different league altogether. Artech gave Kerala the first branded residences, the first Trophy Homes, the Ultimate Leisure and Lifestyle homes, the Greenest Apartment Complex, etc.

On time delivery is another factor. But most of all it’s the knowledge on the subject that differentiates Artech from the rest in the industry by a wide margin.

Artech is probably the only complete builder in Kerala providing to all the needs of anybody buying a home. Be it Interior Design, Facility Management or After Sales Home Care, Artech has separate divisions and experts to take care of all the needs of an Artech customer.

We are proud of our customers and we believe that they are Leaders in their own right. In turn, they treat us as a leader in the industry.

That’s why many consider Artech as the Pride of Kerala.