One of the most important elements when it comes to making the home an exciting place to live in is the fragrance that you use at home. Depending upon the type of the room, the place and the occasion, it is important that you select fragrances that go complement them. Most of the home décor professionals consider fragrance a defining accessory that can add great character and depth to a room and the home at large. However selecting suitable fragrances is a tricky business and if you do not know what you are doing and up against, the entire idea can get flushed down with the water.

As a result, we have come up with this post that will certainly shed light onto all your doubts.

How to decide on the fragrances for each room?

It is easier when the fragrance is connected to music. In your living room, you don’t want loud, metal music playing. You need a subtle, soft background that will layer below everything that is happening in your living room. It is the same with fragrance as well; go with something subtle and soft. When it is a celebration, everyone is excited, happy and cheerful. So there, you might want to amp the ante up by using a little arresting fragrance that is very social.

If you are confused as to what would do the trick for your bedroom, get romantic. Try not to be too carried away with the strong fragrances. Keep it simple, elegant and uniquely luring. Lavender and orange are best for relaxation and if it is your bedroom that you often search for solace in, they are the best choices—just make sure that they are not kept by the head.

For your kitchen, where everything that you love to gulp gets cooked, go with a sweeter fragrance with a stint of apple, strawberry or fresh pear. It is not advised that you go floral-themed with your fragrance there.

As the bathroom is an important place of hygiene, crisp linen, juicy grapefruit or even a different variety of your preferred perfume would do the trick for you just fine.

What to use—a candle or a diffuser?

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Both of them have different utilities and that is what they are made for. With a diffuser, you can pretty much place them down anywhere and entirely forget about it. They will do what they are supposed and are good for their longevity. However, with candles, you need to be careful. They are best for the more intimate affair; for a dinner or bath. Candles are not just about the fragrance, it is also about the ambient light it would invoke.

Are room sprays, good?

While selecting a room spray, go for the ones that offer a fine dispersion and one of the best ways to ensure that you are getting the best room spray is to test it. If the droplets of the spray hit you while walking, the spray isn’t good and hence get a pray that immediately spreads in the air. If you tend to spray them on your linen, get the ones specially made for linen-spraying to avoid staining your linens.

These aspects would sure give you a general idea about selecting the right fragrance that suits your mood, affinities and the type of room you are selecting the fragrance for.